Make your WordPress site Secure

The Virginia State Board web hosting service iPower has made SSL certificate security available at no additional charge to all domains hosted on the State Board account. To make your WordPress site secure, follow the directions below.

  • Log into your WordPress site Dashboard
  • Go to Settings => General
  • Change the WordPress Address (URL) to https://your_domain_name
  • Change the Site Address (URL) to https://your_domain_name
  • Download “Better Search Replace” plugin. Activate then do a search and replace on your database changing http://your_domain_name to https://your_domain_name

2 thoughts on “Make your WordPress site Secure

  1. Thank you for your comment AOH WordPress User. Yes, it really is that easy to make your AOH State Board Hosted WordPress site secure. By securing your site using SSL, visitors to your site can feel confident your site is authentic and any information they share on your site is protected from hackers.

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