Irish Fest 2019

We had a great turnout and I want to thank everyone for the set up, for coming, assisting at the table, and for breaking down at the end. I think everyone had fun, and we also got several on our list as future/potential members. We also sold some ornaments, earned 30 from Troy’s flag jacket, and earned 180 through the raffle. The winner was a local lass who never won a raffle before and was very happy. I’m also including Jim McLaughlin and Sandee; Jim for his contribution as St. Patrick, and to Sandee for assisting with the sales and the table. Thanks to Kenny and his staff as well for the great food. I emailed out some photos for the website to Tim and Terry, and a group shot is attached. If you want more just respond or shoot a text. I apologize if I left anyone off that came; I may not have seen everyone throughout the day.


Brendan C