5 thoughts on “AOH DC Board response to selection of pro-abortion Brendan Boyle as JFK Award recipient

  1. We criticize “Catholic” politicians who will not stand by Catholic doctrine and values. We write letters to editors, to congressmen, to local politicians, and others to express our ire at pro-abortion programs these politicians support. At Mass each week we pray for the end to abortion. We march in the annual Right to Life March. We support charities that assist pregnant women in need with housing, medical care, and childcare. This selection will be seen to contradict the Pro-Life work Hibernians routinely perform. I hope this does not mark us as hypocrites.

  2. President Jim,
    I have been a member of the AOH for almost 40 years. I felt a closeness in religion, heritage and morals. No longer. I feel you and VP O’Connel have been totally dishonest with me for the past 2 or 3 years regarding rituals. But this business with the JFK Award is too much. Refer to the 1992 Resolution. Your response to Jay McCarthy was totally dishonest and mendacious.
    Have our National Chaplains been made aware of the protests? Past National Presidents?
    Failure to respond to these questions tells me much about your courage of your convictions.
    I intend to contact the Congressman and ask him to refuse the Award

    J J

    1. Hello John,

      I too am outraged by this dishonest andmisleading act of award-giving to an unfaithful Catholic.

      I am also interested in your mentioning of rituals. I am a member of the Knights of Columbus who employed some rituals themselves that I was too naive to consider 6 years ago when I was not as firm in the Catholic Faith we share.

      I am also interested in the AOH in Philadelphia and hoped you might provide some way to determine an AOH group here in Philly that is authentically Catholic.

      Kind regards for your attention to this message and God bless you and yours always,

      Joseph Patrick McGlynn


  3. Jay, I appreciate the words you and your brother Presidents submitted to the National President regarding the awarding of the John F Kennedy Medal to U. S. Rep. Brendan Boyle. As the USCCB recently stated, abortion is the “preeminent” issue for the Catholic Church in America. You aptly describe the schism that exists between brother AOH members. We should do all we can to heal the rupture, but not by denying the greatest moral issue of our time.

    The reply letter from the National President was disappointing. It includes straw man arguments and non-sequiturs statements, in my opinion. If we cannot stand for life together as Irish Catholic men, God help the AOH.

    Jerry O’Farrell

  4. Brothers;
    There are likely more than two opinions on this matter across our Order. We all have in common though is our Irish Heritage and our Catholic Faith. I have read both opinions on this matter and have been aware of who Congressman Boyle was prior to him getting the JFK Award.
    I agree it is problematic to adequately judge one’s heart and faith. In this instance my view is there has been a breakdown of the process. Not to say Boyle “slipped through the cracks” but it is obviously too late to change what happened here.
    For the first time, I attended the March for Life with fellow Hibernians in January of this year. Also our guest speaker Congressman Chris Smith, had to cancel at the last minute.
    Why not invite Congressman Boyle to be our guest speaker at 2021 March for Life? His PP vouched for his commitment to Church and parish. Perhaps he needs to go on record with the AOH and who knows, he just may show.

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