Kelly Division Contributes to the Little Sisters of the Poor

Maintaining social distance, from left, Past-President Matt Dullaghan, President Jack Simila, Dan Harrington and Past-President Larry Kelly of the Msgr. Charles Kelly Division, Chesterfield County, Virginia met at the Little Sisters of the Poor Home after an April donation of $1,000 was sent by the Division to provide much need help for the Order during the COVID-19 lockdown. Our donation was graciously acknowledged by Sister Rosemarie, saying it will greatly assist their ministry during the lockdown.

The Little Sisters of the Poor arrived in Richmond on October 13, 1874, to establish a home to provide caring for the elderly poor, regardless of race or religion. This care was desperately needed due to the poverty and hardships caused by the Civil War. More than 146 years later, the same work is still very much alive here in Virginia, ministering to the poor both physically and spiritually.

Photo: Daniel Harrington