State Board Quarterly Meeting – June 17, 2021

I wish to confirm with you that our next State Quarterly meeting will be a ZOOM meeting on Thursday, June 17th from 7 pm to 8:30 pm. Given the number of graduations, limited meeting space logistics and “delayed vacations” I am aware of at this time, I decided not to tie up a Saturday/weekend for an in-person gathering in order to get some State/Division administrative issues resolved. Please mark your calendars now; I would like to have at least a Divisional Chair Officer from each Division on this call. Each Division and Committee Chair should plan to provide a 2 minute recap of their activities/concerns as part of the Zoom meeting. A more detailed written recap should be provided to our State Secretary, Bob Fay, for inclusion in our State records prior to the Zoom meeting.
Jay McCarthy
AOH VA State President