Major Degree November 5, 2021

VA State Board President Brian Kiernan sent out an email about the MAJ Degree on 6 NOV in Alexandria.  Note that the Quarterly meeting and the degree will be in the same location:  The Lyceum (313 Duke St, Alexandria, VA  22314).  It is across the street (N Side) from the Basilica.  This was changed so that we don’t have to drive back and forth, and because parking may be easier at the church.  Besides street parking, there is a small lot next to the church, but also a bigger one behind the church on Fairfax St.  There are also parking garages off of King St. that are just a short walk (republic parking Market Square – under City Hall, Colonial Parking – Lee St at King)  . 

We used this sign up genius (links are below) for our DIV to gauge the headcount, and to get volunteers for the ceremony.  Use it and show it to your divisions as well so we can ensure we have enough help, space, refreshments, etc.  Or let us know how many you plan to bring.  We do not want too many so we may have to cut it off at around 50.  We are at about 26 right now.  

They still have to get the names to our Worthy President though since he is the head of the degree team, as well as plan for the $25 fee.  

Register for the Major Degree Ceremony

If you have the Major Degree – sign up to volunteer