Coloring Book Contest 2023

7 Divisions participated in the Coloring Book Contest 2023. Here are some pictures of the event.

Thanks to all of us the contest  and presentation program was a great  success.. The attached pictures are the judges representing 5 divisions from across N VA.   We completed the judging of 2,000 entries within 2 hours.  It was a lot of fun and 10 people got to interact with our  fellow  Hibernian’s.  With out all your help in contacting the 30+ schools and judging, the success would not have been possible.

Fr, Joe Farrell  campus chapel was the perfect central location.  Nearly 50 mom,dad and kids attended.    Feedback has been very positive.

Fr Farrell has offered the chapel for next years event.   I  would set it for February 24,2024.

Attached is the digital edition of our Catholic paper.    I think the picture will also appear in the paper edition out at the end of this week. 


Feel free to share this with    your divisions as well as the Random pictures taken by Jay McCarthy at the judging and Branden Cooney at the presentation.

Each winner also received a shamrock plant.   Meagher Division Pres and Chaplain appear with Holy Cross sch Fredericksburg winners.