St. Padre Pio – Relics Mass & Veneration-St. Bede-Williamsburg, VA on Friday 6 October

The John Cardinal O’Connor Division has been working to host the St. Pio relics for the past several years…We finally have secured a date!  The Padre Pio Foundation and St Bede will be hosting St Pio relics at our church on Friday 6 October – all day…According to the Foundation Director this is a ‘first’ for our Diocese and maybe even VA.  We expect pilgrimage from near and far.   Mass is at 9am and the relics will be processed at entry and then Veneration will take place inside the sanctuary all day until 7pm.   We wish to invite anyone who would like to attend the Mass or Veneration to come join us on Friday 6 October.  The Veneration will be taking place all day, so as to allow those who can’t make the Mass time to pray intentions and to view the relics.  Informational and donation materials will be provided by the Padre Pio Foundation.  A prayer at 7pm for the intentions will close the Veneration.   

Hope you can make it and request you pass the word to the AOH of VA.

In Friendship, Unity, and Christian Charity

all the best & God bless,

James Hubbard

President-AOH Williamsburg, VA

John Cardinal O’Connor Division