Sweats for Vets

Slainte and Happy New Year.  

As previously mentioned, the Cunningham DIV in Loudon County, VA sponsored the Annual Sweats for Vets.  This event procures, wraps, and delivers sweatsuits for the homeless and needy veterans at the Martinsburg Veteran Center in WV.  Over 75 volunteers came out the day after Christmas to wrap hundreds of outfits including the VFW, Knights of Columbus, families and children, and the AOH/LAOH.  This marks the 18th year for this service to our veteran community!  

Well done to all!  Please note this for the next quarterly meeting and I will help ensure some of these make it to the website. 

Brothers are reminded to assist if possible for the delivery to the Vet Center which will be on 20 JAN.  


Brendan Cooney