Grundy VA/RAM Philanthropy Project

Dear Brothers of the AOH,

I hope that this email finds you all well.  As per our discussion at the State Meeting, I am forwarding information

on the Canopy Tents that we are trying to acquire for Holy Name Parish in Grundy for the RAM project.  As we discussed

RAM is the Remote Area Medical project that is brought to different areas of Virginia and different States to provide medical, dental and vision care to those low income who do not have medical care or very little care.

These patients lineup the night before the clinic to be able to get in line by 3am to be able to be seen.  They endure all types of weather and in many areas because of the dates of clinics, endure rain or snow and freezing temperatures.  We are trying to acquire Canopy tents for these patients to wait in before being screened into the clinic.  This year we provided care for over 680 patients and in the past unto 1500 patients in an 12 hour day.  

I am monitoring the prices of the tents once they are in stock in the stores.  The prices on the attachment are the present prices for the items in the warehouse.  Due to being the beginning of the season, they might come down.  We have been able to get them at a lower price before and I think if I work with the store management may be able to do so again if we are buying several.

Please send any monetary donation to the Virginia State LAOH in care of our Treasurer Jennifer Frost at 3869 Ogilvie Court, Woodbridge, VA, 23192.  If you prefer to purchase a tent yourselves contact me and I will make arrangements to pick it up.  If you have any questions please contact me at or 804-437-1521.

in Our Motto,

Lori Forbes

Virginia State LAOH President


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